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                TOPSELLER-FOCUS ON THE internatinal market for 30years

                chunlong core concept
                • teamwork
                • amity
                • do
                • learning
                • sincerity
                Business philosophy:management idea people oriented striving for excellence
                talent concept
                morality and talent is the most important
                We prefer morality to personal talent and insist talented individuals to work professionally. We respect personal dedication and share company success with our staff.
                market concept
                Customer oriented quick decisions
                Because the market is changing rapidly, we need to be oriented by the market and go with the trends of the industry fast. When there are conflicts between production department and sales department, we should put the market in the first place.
                Concept of crisis:The only guarantee is making progress every day.
                Quality Concept:To pursue the truth and the good and strive for perfection
                No. 168, Beima South Road, Longkou City, Shandong Province   Record No 魯ICP備09016557號